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Yes, You can Visit the Big E Solo

September 19, 2014

For years I’ve thought about visiting the Big E, the largest fair in the East held in each September in West Springfield Mass. On 2014 Connecticut day I woke up and decided to head there.

On this day of leisure, I wanted to let things happen naturally and so I took a wayfaring approach with a few priorities - to be in some of my photos, exhibits and events that focused on animals, agriculture, states exhibits, the parade and musical performances.

I was stunned on how easy it was to strike...

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Travel Solo for the Weekend - The Berkshires, Massachusetts

September 22, 2014

I’ve traveled the world, but never to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and so I let a concert in Tanglewood and the Food and Wine Extravaganza be my reason to spend a weekend away.

How did I pull this off and how did it go? Here’s how I handled the key challenges on this trip and what I learned.

Challenge 1 - Hotels were on the pricey side.
I decided to try Airbnb. I found an affordable room in Pittsfield in the home of two realtors and from the description and photos provided my gut told me...

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Perfect LandingsĀ 

May 4, 2016

The garden was a paradise. Butterflies of various species, colors and sizes leap frogged among the flowers. Following a stroll, I sat down to watch butterflies visiting certain people. 

They were as curious about us as we were of them. One landed on a shy lady’s cutoffs jeans pocket as she walked about. It rested there for a long time then moved to her camisole strap. it looked like she was wearing a corsage. When a few butterflies chose me, I was elated by their perfect landings and time...

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Looks Far Away

October 17, 2016

It was Fall and perhaps past peak time to visit a Botanical Garden, but Tower Hill caught my eye because of the intriguing art exhibit made of weaved branches. It look like it was from another place and time. One look at a photograph of it made me want to see it in person. An additional draw was a Fall festival with a concert, Begonia judging, apple tasting and Alpaca petting.

The design of structures, containers plants, shrubs and paths leading to woodlands made it feel like a wonderland....

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